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Coeur De Lion

Recently crowned as ‘Best Jewellery Brand of 2014‘ on behalf of the British jewellery industry, Coeur de Lion have over 20 years experience designing jewellery. Using high quality materials the identifiable design of Coeur de Lion can be seen across their range including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Made by hand, Coeur de Lion jewellery offers a fantastic combination of colours that compliment each other making it perfect for any occasion.

Now In Store

Coeur De Lion Dark Watermelon Bracelet

Item no. A 4423

Coeur De Lion Fuchsia Fire Bracelet

Item no. A 4549

Coeur De Lion Cognac Geo Cube Drop Earrings

Item no. H94J

Coeur De Lion Olive Green Stud Earrings

Item no. S 42U